Furniture Movers & Load Moving Equipment13th April 2016

Lifting Equipment Store are reputable suppliers of hydraulic and manual furniture movers and load movers. As with all of our products, we make sure that we have a fully comprehensive range which meets with our customers’ expectations. We offer excellent value for money and competitive online prices. Furniture movers are essential when you’re moving house or moving office. They can also come in useful for completing tasks in workshops or other locations where you need to make light work of heavy loads. Hydraulic furniture movers are the most user-friendly option, able to transport awkward or heavy loads which weight up to 1,800kg. They are operated using a hydraulic jacking system with handles on both sides, similar to a bottle jack. Once both movers have been inserted underneath the load and it has been fixed on with the ratchet straps, you are ready to go.

Manual furniture movers can handle loads of up to 600kg. They use manual handles as opposed to hydraulic, and also come with ratchet straps for added security. If you need to be budget-conscious, these pieces of equipment are the perfect solution to your lifting needs.

The mechanical jacks we offer are very reasonable, priced at £133.00. Steel or polyurethane wheels are available and can provide a capacity up to 1,000kg. The maximum lifting height is 50mm. A lifting bar is included for use as a pinch bar, and it will winch the load up to insert movers underneath. Mechanical jacks need to be paired with corner movers to complete the task successfully and safely. They are available in steel or lightweight aluminium and have a capacity of up to 150kg. There are three different models which can be purchased depending on your needs.

The most robust manual furniture movers we stock are made by Raptor and come with two transport units with a safety spindle winch and built-in securing straps. These are an ideal solution for removal companies as they’re easy to transport but will be able to lift heavy items very easily. Loads of up to 600kg can be accommodated and they can be lifted to a height of 300mm.

We also supply two different models of hydraulic furniture movers from Raptor. Both have a capacity of 1,800kg and feature heavy-duty wheels with ball bearings. The polyurethane wheels are designed for use in the furniture-moving industry and will not mark carpets. Choose from a lifting height of 100mm or 250mm.

Lifting Equipment Store will be happy to talk to you further about any of our furniture moving equipment. Just get in touch with our knowledgeable team and they can offer you advice and support with any of your purchases. Call us on 01384 567430 or fill in our contact form on the website.