Forklift Snow Plough Attachments15th January 2019

The weather is getting colder, with talk turning to when the first snow of the year will fall. Stay ahead of the game, by investing in a forklift snow plough attachment. This clever forklift attachment will go directly onto your truck, helping you to avoid downtime, backlogs and disruption to business by clearing away snow before it can cause issues. Keep on top of deliveries, dispatches and warehouse management, and don’t let the weather interfere with the business you have spent so long building up.

Best of all, the snow plough is available with rapid next day delivery. Order now and beat the bad weather this winter.

Key specifications

• A choice of a 1,250mm blade, a 1,500mm blade or a 1,800mm blade

• Bolted steel wear strip, fully detachable

• A fixed left-hand sweep angle of 15°

• Stand skids, offering you level scraping

• Safe and easy attachment to trucks using zinc plated twist screws

• Optional rubber blade insert

As with all products supplied by Lifting Equipment Store, our forklift snow ploughs are of the very highest quality. They come complete with various features to help make your work easier and ensure the longevity of the product. The rubber wear strip is designed to protect the attachment and your forklift, plus it will protect the ground where you are clearing away the snow as well. You will also notice that your forklift plough attachment lasts longer, thanks to the galvanised finish which protects against rust and damage. Our forklift snow plough is very good value for money and will be a serious investment for your business, protecting it from harsh weather conditions so you can keep operating without delays.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you need to know more about our forklift snow ploughs. Please call us on 01384 567430 or email

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