Exciting update to the game changing YaleERGO 360® UT product range 17th February 2021

We’re so pleased to announce that you will be able to get the freshly optimised YaleERGO 360® UT as a 9 tonne unit from March on the Lifting Equipment Store’s (LES) marketplace.

Thanks to the exceptional response and demand from our valued customers, we wanted to ensure you can get in on providing huge amounts of added value and safety to your unique overhead line applications. The YaleERGO 360® UT has been designed with a focus point on improving efficiency for businesses operating in the utility market. 

Due to our trusted partnership with Columbus McKinnon, you can get this updated YaleERGO 360® UT across all the weight capacity versions, which now includes 9 tonne’s, from March with no difference to your delivery times.

If you’ve purchased one of the variations of the innovative YaleERGO 360® UT before you’ll know it comes with an extensive list of benefits and features for your overhead line construction applications and easier use by your team and linesman. If you haven’t had the pleasure of using this product before, we want to give you an insight into what you can expect by having this unique tool at your disposal.

The revised YaleERGO 360® UT and all its variations now comes fully equipped with an automatically acting safety gear that prevents a sudden load drop when a certain speed is exceeded. This means that you, your team, and the linesman experiencing any sudden drops are a challenge of the past. Additionally, you can expect the new system to safely absorb the loads you and your team are dealing with which further prevents the possibility of larger and further damage.

Whether you already have the previous version or not, if you decide to add the built-to-last YaleERGO 360® UT to your toolbox you’ll be unlocking the updated benefit of having improved and excellent corrosion protection. This is because of the housing that’s been optimised for outdoor applications with external components being zinc plated and internal moving parts being MKS coated which prevents a build up of water and the influence of moisture in extreme weather conditions that occur on overhead line construction sites. You can relieve yourself of any concern of your ratchet lever hoist with safety gear getting damaged due to working in the rain for your overhead line construction application whether it's aerials, contact lines, cable cars, or positioning of loads.

You can still expect to have a working range of 360 degrees as the name hints along with a direction indicator in the lever that clearly shows the operating direction by displaying arrow symbols. If you need to reposition the slack chain, this too has been made easier for you with an improved easy and smooth free chaining system that is designed not to accidentally free chain while under load.

At LES, safety is one of our core principles for the customer, our team, and anyone around the products we’ve supplied including freshly introduced products such as this innovative hoist for overhead line construction and businesses operating in the utility market. We’ve written about it in a number of our articles and will continue to drive the message to our customers that your safety is important to us and you should always inspect your gear. That’s why it’s great to tell you that this updated version that comes with enhanced safety features also comes with easy-to-inspect swivel hooks giving you a positive and secure load engagement while simplifying the inspection process.

Whether you decide that you need a 1500kg or a 9000kg lifting capacity version of the YaleERGO 360® UT, you can get the options to accompany it which include the Chain Stop and Chain Claw along with the Slip Clutch (overload device). The Yale Chain Stop is safe and proven for over 10 years while the Chain Claw is the simple alternative that can offer you additional safety with dynamic loads. With both of these options that can increase your productivity, your YaleERGO 360® UT does not need to be readjusted after the individual steps, however, it is required in neutral mode.

How does this redefined and improved hoist for overhead line construction sound to you? Have you got a feeling that you need to have this tool at your disposal because of the massive extra value you’ll be able to offer?

The team at LES wants to know and more importantly, wants to help you get the lifting equipment that’s going to solve your business challenge. If you’re debating whether this item is right for you or want to understand if you need any options on your model, please get in touch with an experienced member of the LES team so we can get you the solution to help your business thrive.