Duplex Webbing Slings12th February 2016

Duplex webbing slings are an integral piece of lifting equipment which are made from polyester webbing. They come handily colour-coded so that they’re easy to identify when in use, with each colour representing a different lifting capacity. Our Liftking webbing slings are available in capacities from 1,000kg up to 20,000kg so you’ll be able to find the right sling for the job whatever your requirements might be. Using a duplex webbing sling is a sensible and cost-effective choice for general or heavy industrial lifting. They are made using a double layer of webbing, so they’re incredibly strong but at the same time extremely lightweight. This makes them particularly easy to use on site as they’re easily transportable. They’re also perfect for health and safety compliance as they’re less likely to cause injury to operators or damage to the load during application. Our duplex slings use a fabric loop at the end which makes them particularly strong and geared up to meet with high demands – this is a much stronger way of designing a sling than the leather eyes which used to be popular. By choosing a polyester web sling, you’ll be getting a product which is hardy, resilient and long-lasting as well as strong.

We are one of the largest internet suppliers of polyester web slings and we’ve been retailing them to companies across the globe for a number of decades now. We always ensure that you have everything which you need to use your sling properly – all equipment comes clearly labelled to show safe working load limits, brand name and any other relevant safety standards. The slings supplied by Lifting Equipment Store are made from the highest quality polyester webbing and they comply with EN standards - they’ll always be sent out to you along with their certificates of conformity.

We supply web lift slings from the following brands:

  • Raptor
  • Yale
  • Spanset
  • Liftking
  • Lifting Equipment Store

You might have noticed that we’ve added our own name to the list. That is because we’re able to manufacture our own custom polyester web slings for our customers. All standard slings are double ply, though we can also manufacture simplex web slings, flat belt slings and single use disposable cargo webbing slings. These will be suitable for almost any application, so just speak to us and let us know what your specifications are. If you’d like further information or want to get in touch regarding any of the slings we can supply, call 01384 567 430, email or fill in the form on our website.