Drum Handling Equipment 16th February 2016

Whether drums are made of steel, paperboard, plastic or any other type of material, they’re going to be big, bulky and difficult to handle. We have a range of drum handling equipment which will streamline the process and make your life easier. Everything you’ll need to lift, move and transport drums safely and efficiently is available from Lifting Equipment Store.

It’s important that you use the right equipment in order to comply with health and safety regulations. This is integral across the board when performing lifts in an industrial environment and it’s especially important when handling products like drums and barrels. They tend to be awkward sizes and shapes and might contain heavy or dangerous goods.

We have four main categories of drum handling equipment available to our customers: drum lifting attachments, drum trolleys and dollies, forklift drum attachments and hydraulic drum trucks. Our drum lifting attachments category features tongs, clamps and many other items. They are supplied by Raptor, one of the biggest names in the business, so you can always be assured of quality.

If you need to move drums by hand, try browsing through the drum trolleys and dollies section. This is perfect for drums up to 450kg.

Forklift drum attachments, rotators and accessories provide you with a diverse range of apparatus for converting a forklift into a piece of drum handling equipment.

Hydraulic drum trucks are used in a number of situations and can help you to complete a range of essential lifting processes. You will be able to find models to lift drums off pallets and load or unload them from vehicles, as well as to complete various manoeuvring processes such as tipping and turning.

All drum handling equipment supplied by Lifting Equipment Store comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and its own specific certificate of conformity (this excludes some drum keys, drum racks and drum de headers/ openers, which may not require certificates). Each piece of equipment will have a serial number for traceability.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team here at Lifting Equipment Store. We have a vast knowledge of the industry and will be able to help you out with any of our products. Get in touch online by filling in the form on our website, or send an email to If you’d rather speak to us over the phone, call 01384 567 430. We look forward to hearing from you soon.