Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Business As Usual18th March 2020

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus strain COVID-19, disruption amongst many business and families is evident. Stores are being emptied of essential supplies and employers are trying to set up working from home options. For some companies working from home will be a problem, for LES it was a simple announcement followed by quick action.


We would like to take this opportunity to ensure our customers, suppliers and supporters are aware that LES will continue to operate as normal but with some minor changes behind the scenes that have been implemented in order to protect our workforce, customers, suppliers and visitors.


Our office staff are now working totally remotely from home, thanks to our digital phone system and cloud-based CRM, accounting software and computer systems. You won't notice a difference, we're all in regular communication thanks to our ability to transfer calls as normal, instant messenger service and our weekly remote get-together. Since we already went paperless to reduce our carbon footprint there are no negatives to this since everything remains as it were at the office, we now just communicate by phone rather than face-to-face. 

Online orders are being processed as normal, our warehouse operatives are working in different locations (whilst overseen by a member of management) and working to strict new guidance that includes contactless handover of goods to our carriers, no signatures/transfer of pens or paper, regular washing and sanitising of hands (we are very proud that we were able to acquire medical grade 97% alcohol gel) whilst desks, door handles and working spaces are being regularly sanitised to prevent the potential spread of the virus within our workplace and community. 


We kindly request no supplier/partner/customer visits at the office during this time and our Click & Collect will be a contactless and distanced service where goods will be placed in a 'goods out' area with clear (but safe) access to the product, without human interaction, however, it is recommended that you choose a delivery option unless absolutely critical during this period.


Please continue to shop online and over the phone with LES as normal whilst we wish all of our customers, suppliers, partners and supporters the best of health and safety throughout this time.


-Will Dunn, CEO