Choosing the Right Safety Harness Options7th July 2020

Safety harnesses are essential for maintaining safety when working at height. It’s vital that you use the right safety harness for your purpose, and that it’s configured correctly for the type of activity you’re carrying out.


Important considerations for choosing the right safety harness

These are some of the points to consider before investing in a new safety harness:

Conformity – make sure the harness comes with a certificate of conformity to show it meets safety and quality standards.

Size and fit – it’s very important you choose a harness that fits correctly. This will vary from person to person – we have various sizes available on our website.

Anchorage – sometimes a single point of anchorage is enough, and sometimes multiple buckle points will be needed. Understanding the task in hand is essential before choosing the appropriate equipment.

Brand – make sure you pick a harness from a well-known brand with a good reputation in their field. Our harnesses come from leading brands including Tractel, Yale and Kratos.

Comfort – you’ll need to wear a safety harness at all times when working at height, so it’s important that it’s comfortable.


What types of safety harness can you choose from?

We have various options to select, including:

Individual safety harnesses. There are single safety harnesses available in various sizes, including single point harnesses, two point harnesses, rescue harnesses, and visibility harnesses.

Safety harness kits. A convenient way to buy all the equipment you need in one single package, harness kits come with various accessories such as rope lanyards, webbing lanyards, carry bags, rucksacks, kit bags and more.

Safety harnesses for women. Ergonomically designed, these harnesses offer maximum security and comfort for women working at height.

There’s also a range of accessories to go with harnesses, to assist with comfort and safety. Explore our range of safety harnesses to see all the options.


Want to ask the experts a question about safety harnesses and buying the correct option for you?

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