All Types And Sizes Of Crosby Shackles Available To Buy Online6th June 2017

LES are proud to introduce you to our Crosby range that is available for a quick purchase online. There are all different types of shackles including D Shackles, Bow Shackles, and a few Specialist Shackles. The Crosby shackles capacities range from 330kg all the way up to over 150,000kg and everything in between. We are sure to always have a perfect solution to whatever you need.



   The Crosby G-2130 Bolt Type Anchor Shackles are the most commonly used shackle in the Crosby range. They have a       capacity range that ranges from 330kg all the way up to 150,000kg and varies in nominal size from 3/16" all the way up to 4" and everything in between. The shackles are grade 8 and have the W.L.L embossed onto every shackle so there is never any confusion as to what the safe working load is. The true beauty of the G-2130 shackles is that they meet every single requirement out there whether it is ASME B26.30, ABS 2011 Steel Vessel Rules 1-1-17.7, ABS, DNV, Lloyds or anything else these shackles will comply. 






The Crosby S-209 Theatrical Shackle are the best in the business when looking for a top name branded shackle that is used for theatrical and stage rigging applications, please look no further.  The S-209 Shackle is enhanced with a flat black baked on powder coat finish that causes the shackle to blend in with the stage surroundings. This guarantees behind the scene strength and dependability without distracting the eye from the onstage performance.







The McKissick 418 Sheave Block has a sheave diameter that varies from 76mm up to 457mm and a Wireline size that varies from 8mm up to 26mm. The sheave blocks are made of a forged alloy steel that is fatigue rated. The blocks of the sheave block have an exclusive bolt-retaining spring to ensure there are no lost bolts and an integrated opening feature that allows the user to insert the wire rope while the sheave block is suspended. the snatch blocks can be furnished with either bronze bushing bearings or roller bearings. 





If you have any queries or questions about our new Crosby range please give us a call on 01384 567430 to speak to one of our trained advisors who will be more than happy to assist you with your query.