All Types & Sizes Of Lifting And Lashing Points To Buy Online21st May 2017

LES are very proud to introduce to you our huge range of Lifting and Lashing Points available for quick purchase online from leading manufacturers such as RUD, Crosby, Cartec and George Taylor. We offer an array of industrial Eye Bolts, Eye Nuts and Weld-On attachment points suitable for a massive range of applications, with lifting capacities up to 250,000kg and 100,000kg available to buy online we are sure to have a suitable size for your application. 

Eye Bolts- as a leading distributor of RUD our aim is to bring you the largest variety of eyebolts available anywhere on the market in an assortment of configurations from regular threads to long shank designs for structures requiring a deep fit as well as those designed in metric, UNC and UN measurements for industrial, outdoor (stainless steel) and even height safety applications.* Supplied in traditional fixed design as well as 360-degree swivel and custom types for safe and secure lifts.



Eye Nuts- designed for applications where the threaded attachment point is already in situation, simply measure your thread diameter and screw down one of our Eye Nuts for a secure attachment point. Available in Metric, UNC, BSW Witworth, Fine and Pipe Thread designs and some even feature 360-degree swivel to suit your particular design requirements and for safe secure lifts.





Weld-On- perfect for excavators or structures where drilling and threading would not be suitable, easy to fit by a competent welder. Available in fixed ring, 360-degree swivel and pivoting designs as well as specialist designs such as chain connector styles. Supplying standard finish or Stainless Steel variations for corrosive, specialist and outdoor applications.




For further information and advice to help you choose the appropriate Lifting and Lashing Points please feel free to contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.