#GLAD2020 How Effective Has It Been? 9th July 2020


With many individuals and companies coming together for the Global Lifting Awareness Day #GLAD2020, it has been great to witness the strength and knowledge throughout. From safety tips, to product knowledge, personal achievements, journeys and memories to future prospects and goals. We believe it is fair to say it has been an incredibly impactful and positive one and the day is certainly not over!  


You can check out social media platforms from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and be inundated with information to your benefit, from images, videos, text, chats, Q&A’s all bearing the hashtag #GLAD2020, overall the day has been a huge success and something to be proud of. We as a collective have shown just what this industry is about and how we can all work together through various staff members posting what lifting means to them on their LinkedIn and social media outlets. 


LES Marketing Executive Ashley Griffiths said: 


I must say there have been a few questions I have asked myself throughout the day and have certainly come across from a handful of influential figures within the industry, such as 


Should it take one day alone to spread awareness?  


Should this be something we focus on daily, weekly, monthly, annually?  


Do we promote the lifting industry success enough or look back on just how far we have come?  


How have we developed over time and have we successfully adapted to the ever-changing times?  


Well in answer to myself and others at this present moment I believe we spread awareness without even realising!  


Sharing knowledge to colleagues, customers and end users on a daily basis accounts to a huge % of general awareness within this world of lifting.

We share the smallest of information from how to use products all the way through to designing the most effective of lifting solutions to improve efficiency and speed whilst remaining safe!


There is the very keyword that defines every action in this market, SAFE! It is at the forefront of everything we do, everything we sell, everything we advise, because at the end of the day we all aim to work in a safe environment and take no better satisfaction in helping people remain safe and return to their families at the end of their days!  


#GLAD2020 has shone the light on the positives whilst also showing us that there is so much more to do  


So, I would like to ask this question, could we do more? Should we do more? 


Personally, I believe #GLAD2020 has helped for sure, do I feel it will highlight just how we can better understand things, and highlight how we should improve our awareness on a tailored scale? Absolutely. Because what are we if we do not develop and spread our knowledge and therefore awareness we merely exist as an industry. We must strive to innovate and pave the way for those following our very footsteps!  


So, thank you LEEA, Bridger Howes and LHI Magazine for creating such a fantastic day raising awareness and asking the questions of us as an industry, companies and individuals because this will only help us to better ourselves and the industry we work within!