LES is dedicated to supplying lifting equipment in Houston, Texas, USA and offer international express delivery directly to your door not only just in Texas, but also throughout the United States on everything we sell. Our discounts with DHL are extremely high due to the volume of equipment we ship to the U.S.A and we pass it on to the customer as an incentive to use our international company.

Concerned about paying in a foreign currency? Forget about it.

Conveniently pay for any order in U.S. Dollars $ to avoid any unexpected additional charges or processing delays.

Commonly supplied products in Texas, USA

Webbing and Round Slings- we manufacture a huge amount of custom made and specialist Dyneema and Polyester lifting slings for the oil, power generation  and transport markets.

Electric Chain Hoists- Heavy duty and high capacity German hoists are particularly popular for large lifting projects and repetitive production lines.

Shackles and General Rigging- A huge part of our daily shipments to the states include rigging such as shackles, turnbuckles, wires ropes and hooks.

Tie-downs and Load Binders- Due to the thriving American transport industry we supply vast quantities of quality Ratchet Lashings and Load Binders with the chains to accompany.

Drum Handling Equipment- Particularly important in Texas is the drum handling equipment we supply. Texas-based companies depend on us to supply quickly and efficiently Drum Handling Equipment for lifting and transporting oil in most instances but also for various other applications involving steel and plastic drums.

Shipping Container Handling Equipment- From spreaders and sling to lugs and shackles, we supply it all. UK manufactured modular spreader beams can be tightly packed for a cost-effective shipment along with all the components you need to form a safe container lifting kit.

Uniquely British Marketed Products- these products cannot be shipped domestically in the U.S. from our partners but can be imported from the UK, they’re super popular and we frequently see them leaving with export paperwork: Camlok branded products, Contact Drum Lifting Attachments, Steerman Load Skates, Imer Scaffold Hoists, Kratos Safety Harnesses, StraightPoint Load Weighing Equipment, Forklift Attachments, Britlift Lifting and Spreader Beams.


Need something within shipped from within your domestic borders? Don’t want to pay import duties? Or you simply have a requirement for a U.S. made product that you wish to purchase through LES- we’ve got that covered.

With an extensive list of close partners in the United States we are able to offer a huge range of domestically manufactured products with super fast delivery all within the United States borders, so you’ll only pay your local Sales Tax on top of anything you buy.

For more information on our range of Lifting and Rigging Equipment available to customers in Houston, Texas and throughout the U.S.A, please connect with a member of our sales team toll-free at (713)-489-5335 and we’ll be happy to assist with your requirements.