How To Buy Chain Slings and Lifting Chains is made easy by Lifting Equipment Store with our easy to use Chain Sling Builder, simply follow the product page flow and each appropriate question is considered to formulate the cost and specification of your selected chain sling which can be delivered to you the very next day!

Follow our step by step process to specify and order your Lifting Chain today:

  1. Log on to the below link and choose between Grade 8, Grade 10 or Grade 12 Chain Slings. The main difference in these being the strength of the chain, the higher the grade the stronger the chain, this results in a sling that is lighter and offers a higher WLL, to put it more simply, a Grade 8 6mm chain has a WLL of 1.12T where as a Grade 10 6mm sling has a WLL of 1.4T. Grade 8 is the most cost effective solution while Grade 10 and 12 are of European origin and are Pewag brand. To start the process visit: /categories/lifting-slings/chain-slings---lifting-chains/grade-8-chain-slings
  2. Once you have decided on the appropriate grade sling the next stage is to select how many legs of chain are required, this is the number of chain lengths that will be part of the sling assembly, each product image clearly shows this, however should you have any difficulty then please pop up to us through our web chat service and we can assist you accordingly and direct you to the appropriate pages, alternatively you can contact us in all of the normal ways. For Grade 8 slings this would be the appropriate page: /categories/lifting-slings/chain-slings---lifting-chains/grade-8-chain-slings
  3. This next page enables you to view all of the sling capacities and diameters available in your selection which shows all 'From' prices for each slings size, simply select the desired size and you will be directed to the final specification page where you can specify the Effective Working Length (bearing to bearing overall length of the sling), if shorteners are required which enable one to shorten individual chain legs to suit, as well as selecting the desired end terminations from standard sling hooks with safety catches to self locking hooks or C-hooks. It's easy, just click the drop down menus to see the options!
  4. Once happy with the specification and the price, simply 'Add To Cart' and you can continue to shop or head over to the 'Basket' to checkout and complete your order. /cart
  5. Once your order is complete your Chain Slings and Lifting Chains will be delivered the next working day.*


Why Purchase Lifting Chain From LES?

  • All of our Grade 8, Grade 10 and Grade 12 Chain Sling assemblies conform to BS EN 818 (and the appropriate sub category) many cheap chain slings do not conform to these British Standards.
  • All of our Chain Slings are built to your exact specifications 
  • Each sling assembly is fully certified and complete with free certificates
  • Next day delivery on all sling assemblies as standard*