Height Safety Harnesses & Equipment

We supply the highest quality height safety harnesses, lanyards and fall arrest blocks to provide the best protection at height.

Our range of Height Safety range includes Fall Arrest & Restraint Gear, Restraint Lanyards, Fall Arrest Blocks & Lanyards, Safety Harnesses, Individual Safety Harnesses, Safety Harness Kits, Safety Harnesses For Women, Accessories Accessories & Connectors, Rope Working Accessories, Anchor Points, Harness Connectors, Height Safety Helmets, Confined Space & Rescue Equipment and Yale Height Safety Accessories.

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We offer one of the most vast ranges of safety harnesses and fall arrest gear, a huge variety of connectors, rescue winches, anchor points, storage bags, helmets and more. When deciding on Height Safety Harnesses and Equipment there is no better place to shop then Lifting Equipment Store. We promise to bring you quality and safety before anything.

At height we’re got dedicated to YOUR safety.

Initially one should consider the application type and whether there is a permanent risk from falling or one that can be prevented without restricting work. What we mean by this is for example if you are standing on a roof and your not working near the edge you can restrain yourself from nearing the edge and having a fall with a simple restraint lanyard, if working near the edge of the roof where there is a risk of a fall one must take the necessary precautions to have the potential to arrest that fall. Therefore requiring either a fall arrest lanyard or a fall arrest block. 

A Restraint Lanyard is a simple lanyard with optional end fittings such as screw gate carabineer or Scaffold Clips for fixing to scaffold tubes. This restrains one from danger at height however should not be used to capture one’s fall as this could result in serious injury.

Fall Arrest Lanyards feature a built in shock absorber to arrest one’s fall. The shock absorber in most cases features a shock pack and inside sits a coil of the lanyard usually about 1.5-2.0m in length which is designed to break a fall within a certain distance. Once used these should be returned to us for a professional inspection/service and recertification.

Fall Arrest Blocks are designed to be suspended from a suitable suspension point by a secure connection such as a screw gate carabineer and features a specified length of either cable or webbing which should a fall occur will stop and arrest a fall usually within 2m. Once used these should be returned to us for a professional inspection/service and recertification.

Height Safety Harnesses are easy to find cheap, but cheap mayn’t always be the best option when preventing fatal accidents. Quality and safety however should be the main focus and this is why we only bring you the best in height safety harnesses with an unmatched variety of brands and options such as Yale, Tactel and Kratos brands in varieties such as basic single point harnesses to more complex riggers harnesses, small or extra large and even ATEX or fire resistant types. Whichever your needs we are sure to have something to suit.

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The above information is advice only and should not be considered correct for every application, always take the necessary risk assessment and follow health and safety regulations.