Electric Chain Hoist Systems

At the Lifting Equipment Store our range of electric chain hoists are extensive, we supply any hoists from our list of leading manufacturers such as Stahl, Yale, Demag or Donati. With capacities up to 10,000kg or otherwise known as 10 tonnes. Powered by single phase 100v/240v or three phase 415v power supply. Electric chain hoists in daily use have to be robust, reliable and with low maintenance. This enables us to provide you in finding the most suited Electric Chain Hoist to suit your application needs at the most competitive prices on the market.

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Reliable Lifting Devices

With lifting heights up to 60m and an option to have a low voltage pendant cable for control our range of electric chain hoists is sure to impress! Our Electric Chain Hoists can be suspended via your own means or we can supply an appropriate trolley (manual, electric or pneumatic).

Our hoists are reliable lifting devices which not only provide increased performance and added value, but provide an extended lifetime and increased safety for your lifting equipment products.

Single and Dual Speed Control

Options to include both single and dual speed control, enabling a slow speed for creeping a load into place along with a faster speed for standard operation. Limit Switch control to allow users to set extremely accurate positioning control for the maximum and minimum hook paths used to ensure users cannot accidentally lift or lowly the load too far or damage something. Remote controls, added options to include radio control of your electric chain hoist to enable users to operate from a working safe distance and gain a much better viewpoint of the load, offering users much more flexibility when dealing with loads.

Slow, Fast or Variable Lifting Speeds and Hoists

Our electric lifting hoists are fitted with supplied hook suspension or with an integrated manual or powered trolley and they can be controlled by a push button pendant or by radio remote control. Options are available with slow, fast or variable lifting speeds and hoists can be supplied in voltages (power supplies) and bespoke hoists suitable for different environments dependant on our user requirements.

SWL= Safe Working Load- this is the maximum weight of chain hoist can lift safely

We can also supply specialist application specific electric chain hoists, designed for use in some of the most demanding environments. For a quote or for more information feel free to call us on: 01384 567430.