Manhole Lifting

Manhole lifting is a trickier process than you think. The hard-to-reach placements of manholes and unnecessary keyhole variations have become a time-wasting factor before you’ve even considered lifting the actual manhole cover out of its position.

At LES, we just love answering your prayers, offering a wide variety of Manhole Lifting Devices, as well as a vast variety of keys that will soon speed up this trivial process.

Check out our complete range below – we know you won’t be disappointed!

Our Range

Our range of Manhole Lifters, also known as Manhole Cover Lifters, commonly accommodate cast iron and ductile iron G.A.T.I.C covers, but have the capability to virtual lift any manhole covers.

Hydraulic, swinger, and wheeler variants are available, as well as track systems for better maneuverability when on softer surfaces such as grass, preventing your wheels from sinking into the earth surrounding the manhole.


Why Should I Buy One?

Many customers purchase Manhole Cover Lifters and Manhole Ring Lifters in order to prevent their workforce from being susceptible to injuries such as trapped fingers, hands, and feet.

When lifting manually, the user often must loosen the cover to remove any dirt that has solidified the cover in place that hasn’t been removed for long periods of time. This is typically done through hammering or imposing pry bars, which can result in eye and flesh injuries from fragmented metal and earth detaching from the cover.

That’s why we always recommend never to lift covers manually as it's just an accident waiting to happen – think safety first!

If you’re having problems deciding which is the best product to suit your requirements, drop us a line and our fully trained Sales Team will assist you in making the correct, most informed decision.