Manhole Lifting

Manhole lifting is a trickier process that you think. Hard to reach placements of manholes and unnecessary keyhole variations are already a time-wasting factor never mind actually lifting the manhole out of place. Look no further, your prayers have been answered. We offer many different types of manhole lifting devices as well as the vast variations of keys that will soon speed up the trivial process. We offer hydraulic, swinger and wheeler variations depending on your requirements. 

Our Manhole lifters most commonly accommodate Cast iron and ductile iron G.A.T.I.C. covers but can virtually lift most manhole covers. We also offer a track system for the wheel to help manoeuvre the wheels when on soft environments such as grass, this will prevent the wheels from sinking into the earth surrounding the manhole cover.  

Reasons, why customers purchase manhole lifters, are to prevent their workforce from being susceptible to injuries such as trapped fingers, hands and feet. When lifting manually the worker usually has to loosen the cover as a reason for dirt and the environment solidifying the cover in place due to it not being removed for long periods of time. This is usually done by hammering or imposing pry bars, this can result in eye and flesh injuries from fragmented metal and earth detaching from the cover. We recommend never to lift covers manually as it's just an accident waiting to happen.