Builders Hoists

Builders hoists are a site-workers best friend, available in various different configurations, sizes and budgets to suit different applications from small domestic gin wheel or wire rope hoists and professional scaffold hoists to gantry hoists as well as rack and pinion hoists for material and personnel transportation up the side of a high-rise building.

Scaffold Hoists are ideal for building applications where lifting up to 300kg at a maximum height of 30m is the task at hand, larger hoists are available on request, however at this size customers commonly opt for a chain hoist or similar gantry type setup.

Ladder Hoists make perfect companions for roofers and those working on residential housing developments seeking optimal efficiency in moving roofing tiles and other materials to a height of 40m weighing up to 200kg. Quickly and safely transport goods inside the provided cage or attachment.

Chain Hoists most commonly used on site is our 110v CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist, frequently found on expensive hire from rental companies, as CM Lodestar authorised dealers LES is able to provide the best price and delivery on any 110v Lodestar!

Gantry Hoists A step up from a scaffold hoist and manufactured by the same company, offering a slightly longer lifting height up to 42m, usually found cantilevering over the side of a building, suspended by the included gantry framework, this type provides fast and efficient lifting up to 1000kg

Wire Rope and Tractel Minifor Hoists offer an endless winching solution, unlimited lifting height and a quick speed for lifting lighter loads up to 500kg

Rack and Pinion Hoists provide a vertical lifting platform that travels up the outside of a high rise building up to a maximum height of 150m and is intended for the transport of materials (and if suitably rated, people too). Rack and pinion hoists are able to quickly lift up to 1700kg which is a significant load, this provides a safe and efficient method of transportation over multiple floors of high rise buildings.

LES are experts in the supply of low voltage builders hoists, we're leading distributors for top brands like CM Lodestar, Tractel, Camac and Imer. You can be sure you can't find your perfect builders hoist right here, then our team will find it for you!