Block Grabs

Block Grabs are frequently used in building sites and brickyards to lift awkward sized square or rectangular loadsstacks of bricks, breeze blocks and by forklifts, mobile, gantry and Hiab lorry/truck cranes. Often referred to as a Scissor Grab due to the way their unique operation which incorporates a scissor like design, when the grab is raised gravity naturally causes the jaws to apply pressure and grip the load securely. Varying in capacity from 200kg up to 2500kg and a jaw capacity ranging up to 1130mm and available with an automatic open/close function. The grabs that are designed for use on building sites always include rubber lined jaws to provide a solid grip on the load. 

Sometimes lifting different types of loads can be problematic due to their shape, size and structure. We supply an excellent range of grabs that are produced by the trusted manufacturers and proudly made in Europe. For further information on our extensive range of Block and Scissor Lifting Grabs please feel free to browse the range below or contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist you.