Scaffold Hoists

At LES, we offer the most versatile array of Scaffold Hoists & Accessories at the best prices on the market. We have a huge UK stock from the brands you love available for next-day delivery.

We can supply a Scaffold Hoist to suit almost any application from window mounting to gantry mounting, up to 800kg in capacity, and standard Heights of Lift from 25m to 40m. You name it we can fulfill your requirements - why not give us a call today to discuss your options?

Our models from IMERCamac, and L'euopea range from 150kg - 200kg (as this is the maximum safe load for a normal scaffold tube) and can be accompanied by a wide range of convenient accessories designed to make those common onsite tasks a breeze. From bucketsbaskets, and carriers to propswheelbarrows, and extensions, we have you covered.

As you know, LES only deals with the best products, from the best brands on the market, and our range of Scaffold Hoists and Accessories is no different. Every item in this range is of impeccable quality. We do not sell cheap 'garage' hoists, only the finest high-quality industrial hoists, made in Europe, backed with real warranties, with spare parts available for immediate dispatch.