Wire Rope Fittings

LES supply all end fittings and terminations for your rigging needs. Our sales team will be able to guide you through what you specifically need in order to perform your application efficiently. We're distributing fittings and wire ropes for one of the largest rigging workshops in the country. Conditions where our products are mainly used are in the marine and towing industries. We're able to offer stainless fittings, galvanised and PVC coated finishes for the applications where hygiene is a top priority. LES can accommodate one off to large production runs. 


All of our assemblies are supplied tested, stamped and certified.

We offer fittings such as ferrules, sockets, swivels, studs, thimbles, wire rope clips and much more!

Materials and finishing options we can offer are as follows, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, galvanisation and PVC coated finishes.