Lifting & Spreader Beams

Lifting heavy loads is part and parcel of many of our daily tasks, and as always with such a strenuous and dangerous task, having the correct equipment is essential in achieving optimal productivity, efficiency, and most importantly, safety. Iintroducing spreader and/or lifting beams into your arsenal will pay dividends on your operation. But we often find that people don’t really understand the difference between the two – and yes, there is a difference. So, here goes…

Both lifting and spreader beam systems distribute the weight of the load to provide stability when lifting objects but in slightly different ways.

Lifting Beams are more suitable for low headroom environments, attaching to the crane from a single central point but can have several load attachment points across their base.

Whereas a Spreader Beam features lugs at either end that easily attach to the crane’s sling, as well as two lugs on their underside which fixed the load, creating a compressive load carrying system, meaning they can carry heavy weights in comparison to their actual size.