Rigging Equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, with individual components designed to work in unison to create a custom assembly that assists riggers in undertaking heavy lifting tasks on usually industrial or construction sites.

Our range of Rigging apparatus includes: Turnbuckles & Rigging Screws, Lifting & Spreader Beams, Load Arrestors, Chain & Components, Wire Rope/Steel Cable, Snatch Blocks, Wire Rope Fittings, and Swivels – all these individual parts or assemblies can be integrated to form a custom device to suit a wide range of heavy lifting tasks.

Choosing the correct Rigging Equipment 

It goes without saying that selecting the correct equipment is crucial. Selection of the wrong equipment can lead to not only an unsuccessful lift, but risk of injury will be amplified. If you’re unsure of what components or exact rigging assembly your duty requires, don’t hesitate to give our trusted and knowledgeable Sales Team a call who will happily assist you in making the right decision.


Maintenance is essential to ensuring that all over your rigging apparatus functions effectively, efficiency, and, more importantly, safely. Lifting heavy loads poses stress and strain on your equipment, therefore, we advise that you inspect all equipment prior to use, looking for any signs of damage or wear.

In addition to regular inspection, it’s vital that you create a repair schedule so that you never get caught short. Failure to correctly maintain your equipment can lead to disastrous consequences, ones that are easily avoidable with a tight maintenance schedule.