Stacker Trucks


Stacker Trucks are designed to facilitate easy lifting and handling of palletised loads in industrial and warehouse environments. With similar functionality, Stackers stand out as a cost-effective alternative to forklift trucks and in many cases require significantly less operating space and therefore in countless applications can enable the extremely efficient use of space through a reduction in isle sizes thanks to their compact designs and nimble abilities.

Available in electric or manual, Pallet Stackers reach higher than a standard or even high-lift pallet truck with lifting heights up to 3500mm (3.5m). Electric stackers are generally battery powered, charged via an electrical outlet and are available in semi-electric (where the forks lift and lower electronically while the travel is controlled manually by pushing or pulling) or full electric operation whilst manual Stacker Trucks are pushed around by hand (like a big pallet truck) and the forks are also lifted manually either using a winch or hydraulic jacking system.

Loading and unloading trucks, vans and shelves with pallets and others heavy loads up to 2500kg is made light work with Stacker Trucks, worry no more when the trucks pull up outside- you can unload them with our cost-effective solutions. Choose from Stackers with fixed or adjustable forks, standard or straddle type legs, short or high lifts. We have a solution for every application.

Nearly all of our Stacker Trucks are delivered fully assembled (unless portable/foldable by design) and are delivered extremely fast exactly when you need them. LES are total experts when it comes to supplying stackers from leading manufacturers around the world, we offer our own brand (LES by Lifting Equipment Store) alongside some of the industry leading innovators such as Genie and Pfaff.