Pallet Trucks

Lifting Equipment Store are specialist suppliers of pallet truck, pump truck and electric pallet truck products. We can offer manual or electric solutions to suit your handling requirements.


Pallet Trucks are designed to facilitate the easy handling of palletised goods and loads around factories and warehouses. Often utilised in delivery vans and trucks to help manage cargo and make curbside a reality when combined with a tail lift. A typical pallet truck features four wheels- two at the front and two at the back. The front wheels are integrated into each fork and provide stability whilst the rear wheels are close together and as well as stability, provide steering. In most designs, the handle controls steering and operation of the jack with the lever for selecting 'lift', 'neutral', 'lower' functionality. Some pallet trucks feature a second lever offering a parking brake to reduce the risk of the load accidentally rolling away.

Our range of pallet handling jacks are fitted with high-quality hydraulic systems to ensure a quality, easy lift incorporating a safe and secure lowering. Pallet trucks and electric stackers are ideal for lifting and moving material loads and pallets from one place to another. Our range features models for all types of applications such as:

  • Printer Moving Pallet Trucks
  • Long Fork Pump Trucks
  • Heavy Lifting up to 5Tons
  • Weighing Scale Handling Trucks
  • Low Profile 
  • Galvanized
  • Stainless Steel Pump Trucks

With ex-stock availability on most of our pallet truck products, if you order today, your pallet truck could be delivered tomorrow!