Bottle Jacks

Lifting Equipment Store are extremely proud suppliers of high-quality, industrial, certified Bottle Jacks.

Bottle Jacks are used for a variety of maintenance purposes, from very simple jacking up of a car to stretching open tight holes and modifying parts.

How a Hydraulic Bottle Jack works is the user will push and pump down on the hand lever to feed more hydraulic pressure into the cylinder, expanding the bottle's neck, which can lift or stretch, using them to open tight compartments. Bottle Jacks are commonly used in the Rail industry.

The majority of our Yale Bottle Jack models are Ex Stock and can be dispatched very quickly and shipped using our Express Courier Service.


Yale Bottle Jacks are manufactured to meet the demanding standards of top Blue Chip companies for intense and regular operation. Our range of Yale Hydraulic Jacks are supplied under ISO 9001:2008 but are sold with a budget in mind – a quality and certified product that will not disappoint, ideal for both home and business use.

Yale Jacks provide a universal solution for a variety of applications, used in a vertical position to list, push, and support loads of up to 50,000kg (model dependant).