Drum Handling Equipment

Need to lift, move, turn, weigh, or even open a drum? Check out our full range of Drum Handling Equipment.

Our range features high-quality Hydraulic Drum Trucks, Drum Dollys, Drum Stackers, Drum Caddys, and much more. In fact, we're confident that we have a solution to every drum handling issue. 

Included in every purchase is a manufacturer's warranty and individual certificate of conformity - giving you peace of mind that you're buying only the most compliant products on the market. All of our products come complete with serial numbers for true traceability right back to the manufacturer. Please note that Drum Keys, Drum Racks & Drum De-Headers/Openers may not be issues with certificates of conformity as these are not legally required.

Thanks to our Price Match Promise, we guarantee that you won't get these products cheaper anywhere else, but if you do, we urge you to tell us. We also provide Trade Discounts on items, so call our Sales Team for the bargain of a lifetime.