Spring Balancers

Spring Balancers and Tool Support Systems are designed to significantly improve the productivity of light assembly, packaging, and many other shopfloor operations by suspending equipment and controlling its movement, reducing manual actions and reducing the opportunity of human error.

Assisting in keeping unwanted tools our of the way, Tool Balancers are suitable for a wide range of applications from light benchwork to heavy industrial environments such as foundries and car manufacturing, allowing heavier tools to be utilised in an appropriate manner, whilst preventing tools from being dropped or misplaced.

Common applications include: Resistance spot welding machines, measuring machines, compressed air equipment, x-ray apparatus, power tools, welding machines, paint spraying equipment, cages:

LES stock includes Spring Balancers ranging from 0.5kg right up to 300kg capacities.

At Lifting Equipment Store, we always strive to ensure that our valued audience is informed of all the options available in the world of lifting. So, here, we’re going to make sure that you fully understand what a Spring Balancer is, and how it can support your business in increasing productivity and safety.



Working in a similar way to retractors, Tool Balancers are designed so that the retracting force increases with added cable extension, meaning that the working load is automatically retracted to its initial position after use.



  • They play key roles in small, medium, and large lifting operations.
  • They are well-balanced and well-positioned. The 360° hook ensure an optimal operating position.
  • Easy to maintain and fitted with a steel drum axle for longevity. The special steel rope resists kinking, reduces drum ware, and requires no further lubrication.
  • Easy and fast adjustment.
  • The built-in shock absorber and adjustable rope limits retraction to any desired point in its travel, preventing excessive wear of drop drum and rope guide.
  • Compact design allows for easy exchange of individual components during maintenance.
  • Upper and lower suspension eyes provide additional safety measures.
  • Forged hooks with safety latches prevent accidental unhooking.
  • The automatic drum-locking-device looks drum and holds loads safety, even in the event of spring failure.



Yes. By purchasing this handy piece of equipment, you're enabling tasks at production and assembly stations to become increasingly efficient, which allows you top save time, and therefore money, as previous tasks are completed quicker.


Should you wish to discuss your options in further detail, please contact our Sales Team, who will be able to provide you with all the information that you need.