Load Links

Load Links are commonly found in heavy lifts with multiple rigging points where consistent, accurate load monitoring is essential at all times throughout the process. Often referred to as Load Cells, Load Links are a type of tension dynamometer designed to measure the tension force exerted between two components, in the case of the Load Link this is usually a set of rigging shackles.

There are two main types of Load Links- wired and wireless. Depending on the application and the riggers preferences these can feature built-in displays which indicate the level of tension between the two points, often is the case that these load links are used in applications where a built-in display would not be visible due to distance or other limiting factors and there for our range of load cells can be wired or wirelessly monitored using a cabled or wireless digital display, alternatively in more complex setups load links can link back to specifically designed computer software and PLC units for advanced monitoring.

Totally customisable load monitoring software is available for data logging and multiple point monitoring, this is ideal of applications where having multiple handheld displays or multiple built-in displays would be impractical and instead allows completely centralised wired or wireless monitoring from one location. For more information on our ranges of load monitoring software available for our load links please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist.