Dyneema Lifting Slings

Dyneema Lifting Slings are the toughest fabric slings available. Manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and known as the 'worlds strongest fibre', Dyneema Slings are the new favourite for heavy offshore and onshore lifting.


Offering extremely heavy lifting capacities whilst remaining extremely lightweight compared to wire ropes (slings manufactured with Dyneema can offer the same strength at one-tenth of the weight of their steel equivalent), with the added advantages that they float on water and are resistant to UV, chemicals and salt.


Our Extreema Dyneema Round Slings and Webbing Protection Sleeves from Lift-Tex and our Ultralift with Dyneema slings from MillerWeblift offer the some best cut-resistance against sharp loads and exposed edges that frequently tear and damage other slings.

Dyneema Coil Lifting Slings from Ultralift have been specially designed and manufactured to lift steel coils and other sharp heavy loads, manufactured as a two-part sling for double protection- a light duty Dyneema sling fitted with a heavy-duty UltraProtect wear sleeve to provide extreme resistance to cuts and abrasion. This reduces and in most cases eliminates the need to use additional protection. A superb and well-recognised alternative to braided mesh steel wire rope mats.


Facts about our Dyneema Lifting Slings:

  • Round Slings WLL up to 200T at 7:1 safety factor
  • Up to 100m circumference available
  • Available as a wear sleeve to protect your existing polyester slings
  • Works in extreme temperatures 
  • Manufactured to your specific bespoke requirements
  • Fast delivery from British and European manufacturers
  • Built to comply with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
  • Complete with CE declaration of conformity to comply with European conformity regulations


Dyneema Chain Slings from Tycan (Vanbeest) and Dolezych are synthetic load rated lifting and lashing chains that provide an innovative and superior way to lift and lash large and delicate loads. Just as strong as steel chains with the added advantage that they are lighter, safer and unlikely to cause damage to equipment, Dyneema Chain Slings can also be easily repaired, adjusted and stored when not in use. Some sensitive environments require a low noise solution, steel chains make lots of noise, Dyneema chains make almost zero noise. Proven to reduce handling time by up to 300% due to their lightweight and ease of use. Electrical conductivity risks are reduced as Dyneema fibre is a natural insulator, lifting and lashing is made safer with Dyneema.

For more information, pricing and delivery, feel free to contact a member of our specialist sales team who will be able to assist with your enquiry.