Chain Slings & Lifting Chains

Quality is at the core of Lifting Equipment Store, and that's why we only supply the best Chain Slings & Lifting Chains on the market, at the best prices, from the best brands including Kito Weissenfels, Pewag, Kuplex, Cartec, and Linx - all regarded as the world's most reliable chain manufacturers.

Chain Slings are one of the most common types of lifting apparatus found across the industrial market, utilised for lifting heavy items including skips, pipes, pre-fabricated structures – basically anything that is heavy and requires moving my crane or chain hoist.

Manufactured from lengths of high-tensile chain, these products offer users many advantages over other types of Lifting Chain and assemblies. – super strength, reliability, flexibility, and longevity, to name just a few.

Additionally, they are completely customisable, allowing you to create a solution to suit your individual requirements. For example, if you need to undertake two lifting tasks, one at 5m and one at 8m, all you need to do is purchase an 8m Chain Sling Assembly – then add a Shortening Hook to the mix and you can lift at your required shorter length(s).

Our range of chain slings are available in single, double, triple, and quad leg configurations, in any of the following grades: Grade 6, Grade 8, Grade 10, Grade 12, and Grade 80 -  you name it, we have a solution just for you.

Our services go beyond just the items that we offer online. If you have something a little out of the ordinary, we can help! All of our Lifting & Lashing Chain Assemblies are made-to-order, and we have the capacity to custom-manufacture chains to precise specifications – even incorporating specialist end fittings such as Container Lifting Lugs, Shackles, Chokes, and Grabs.

Unsure of what the best product is for your application? At Lifting Equipment Store, we have a fully trained Sales Team that will happily support you in making the correct, most informed decision. Drop us a line today!


Health & Safety Recommendations With Hoist Chains:

When operating a Chain Sling, it’s vital to make sure that you’re using the correct assembly for the task ahead, and that your load is rigged by a fully trained and competent person. You must remember that the angle at which a load can be lifted will affect the safe working load limit of a lifting chain – the wider the angle, the lower the WLL.

Here’s some top-tips on the effective and safe use of Lifting Chains & Chain Slings

  • Always be sure to inspect the sling before each use for any signs of damage or overloading. TIP: A great way to check for individual leg stretching/overload is to hang the sling vertically. If each leg is exactly the same length and there are no evident stretches to the chain then the chances are they has been zero overload. But, of course, in the event of suspected misuse, it is always recommended to seek professional advice and inspection (We can assist in this should you need it).
  • Ensure chain legs are not twisted – this can dramatically affect the working load limit and is classed as misuse
  • Check that the load or connection sits in the centre of the hook and never on the top
  • Never sling over the maximum working load
  • Never load with a convergence angle over 120-degrees
  • Never shock-load your chains
  • Never use chains outside of their temperature ranges


Chain Types/differentiators

Generally speaking, Crane Chains can be used in a  variety of different configurations to sling particular loads, and in some instances, increase the capacity of an assembly. For example, our Grade 8 Single Leg 7mm when used in a straight 90-degree angle achieves a working load limit of 1.5 Tonnes. But when the same chain is used in a basket configuration, a 2.12 Tonne WLL is achieved.

Grade 80 (G80) Lifting Chain Assemblies are known as the industry standard when it comes to crane and hoisting chain. Offering an impressive price to performance ratio, these allow quenched and tempered chain and components are used frequently in construction and industrial applications. G80 assemblies are extremely robust and offer a working load limit of up to 32 Tonnes, spread over 4 legs.

Manufactured to last, and as we can appreciate unintentional damage to occur at some point in time, we stock a full range of G80 components and connectors – from hooks and safety catches, to masterlinks and shorteners.

Pewag Grade 10 Premium Chain Slings are up to 36% lighter than previous models, creating a more durable easy-to-use sling for intense lifting without compromising on safety, quality, or strength. Our range of Grade 10 chains feature higher capacity than Grade 8 chains, hence how a lighter sling is achieved.

In Brief - Our Range:

  • ​An attractive price to performance ration, due to the small price difference compared to grade 8 chains.
  • One dimension smaller than grade 8 chains for many load ranges- excellent value.
  • All links and components are easily identified with relevant markings. Traceability as all components are coded.
  • High wear resistance- longer life span.
  • Distinctive and individual identity tags to avoid confusion with grade 8 chains.
  • Orange powder coated finish creates a high viability sling for ideal visual identification.
  • Fast and simple assembly with patented shortening element.
  • Safety feature on shortening element helps avoid danger through improperly shortened slings.
  • Fewer components are used on grade 10 chains (as opposed to grade 8) enabling quicker daily/annual inspections.
  • Compatible with grade 8 range, used slings are easy to repair.
  • Grab hooks available with 100% load capacity- shortening sling does not require a reduction in load caused by effect of hook.
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards.
  • Ex stock availability of spares and spare parts.
  • EN 1677-1,-2,-3,-4
  • Capacities from 800kg-67,000kg (0.8Ton-67 Ton)