Lifting Slings

LES are specialist suppliers of Lifting Slings. Made to order in the UK.

We have been supplying slings to multiple industries with exceptional success from day one. Our slings all conform to current EN standards and are delivered complete with printed declarations of conformity. All of our polyester webbing and round slings are complete with a visable label detailing the serial number, date of manufacture, safe working load limits and specifications of the sling.

Many lifting associations recommend that slings are replaced every four years for safety reasons. The last thing you want in your work place is an accident, so take the necessary precautions, inspect your slings before every use to ensure there are no rips, tares, kinks or snags and that everything is in order. An examination is required every 6 months by law.

Simple flat web slings are made from 100% polyester, a strong durable material which also has benefits that a chain or wire rope cannot offer due to its type of material, fabric slings are much softer and lighter than chain or wire rope. Simple soft webbing slings will not scratch or dent your load, neither will it rust or weaken with age (unless subject to corrosive environments). A webbing sling also includes reinforced becket style eyes (other eye styles are available upon request). All slings colour co-ordinated to indicate the safe working load or capacity.

Round slings are even softer than flat webbing slings and does offer reassurance to cause less damage to your load (if any at all) so it’s perfectly suited to lift smooth or polished objects. Even though they look weak a round sling is very strong, and features very low stretch and it’s the most cost effective sling on the market right now! They come in different colours to indicate the safe working load that it can be used at. They can also be offered in black to please our customers that will use it for theatre/exhibition/stage use.

Disposable/one way slings- this proposes the most cost effective simple lifting sling for loading / unloading loads such as timber for roof trusses or walls from one end of a factory to another. This type of sling can also be built into structures and either detached or hidden at its final location. We do offer both endless slings and slings that come with eyes at each end to suit your requirement for them. Our range of lifting slings are the superior choice when it comes to safety quality, all our polyester and wire rope slings are manufactured in a quality controlled environment just five miles from our head office in the United Kingdom.

Guide To Lifting Slings
Lifting heavy goods that could be damaged using heavy rough chain or wire rope slings30 This is no longer a problem, polyester lifting slings were developed to lift objects where surface damage would be unacceptable such as a mega yacht or objects with newly painted surfaces, the soft polyester reduces friction and damage to surfaces ensuring goods remain in tip top condition when being transported. Another main advantage of soft slings over chains and wire rope is the huge reduction in the actual weight of the sling.

Polyester webbing slings can be purchased as a standard sling with an eye each end or they can be customised to your specifications, all of our custom made slings are webbed in the UK. 
Polyester slings can be used in a number of different ways, such as choking or to create a basket, please note that these can alter the safe working load of the slings depending upon which method you use for lifting, our polyester range include tags that show all working load limits of the slings for safety purposes.

Chain slings
We can supply chain slings of all sizes, we suppliers of the best branded chains on the market from Pewag (worlds oldest chain company), Kuplex, Crosby, Cartec and Linx. Our products are built to order and assembled in the UK. They are built from the highest quality chains and components, and are certified upon dispatch. 

Bespoke Slings As we manufacture many of our slings in the UK we are able to offer bespoke manufactured slings to your exact requirements in small and large volumes *minimum order charge may apply. 

Large Orders
In the past we have been involved in serveral large tenders for lifting slings, we have partners in China and surrounding countries who also manufacture to the highest qualities meeting all industry standards, we have the ability to import large volumes with short notice. Anything is possiable for us, in the past we have been involved in tenders for a quantity of over 2000 polyester webbing slings where the requirement was so urgent that we were able to provide emergency air freight and deliver what would take UK manufacturers over 12 months to produce, in just 30 days. We really are the best when it comes to off-standard orders.

Should you have any questions or require bespoke slings that you cannot find online then please contact our friendly sales team who will be happy to assist you.