Lashing Equipment

DID YOU KNOW: 25% of accidents involving truck are attributed to the inadequate securing of loads of cargo. Prevent the risk of cargo and personnel damage with our extensive range of high-quality Lashing Equipment and Load Restraint Gear.

Designed for use with lorries, vans, cars, and most other types of loads that require securing, at Lifting Equipment Store, we have access to the best Ratchet Load Binders, Lashing Chains, Cargo Nets, Ratchet Straps, Load Straps, Weld-On Hooks, Weld-On Lifting Points, and much more.


As part of the load processing, undertaking correct lashing procedures is essential should you wish to avoid cargo damage and eliminate the risk of injury. If lashing isn’t done correctly, be assured that your insurance does not cover any damage or injury, therefore, it should be deemed a high priority.

These procedures are calculated based on size, weight, and equipment type. Should you require conformation on what Lashing Equipment is suitable for your task, please give us a call.