Safety Harnesses For Women

Traditional safety harnesses have never been designed specifically to accomodate the contours of a lady. The Tractel Ladytrac Female Safety Harness breaks that boundary.

The award winning IPAF recommended female safety harness ensures no friction on the upper body caused by the positioning of the straps which are adapted to a woman's shape. Featuring a light belt with elastic canvas- simply dedicated to female comfort.

The Ladytrac harness offers increased safety in the event of a fall, offering an extremely reduced risk of lesions to the breast caused by contact with the straps when a fall takes place.

A patented concept that ensures ideal positioning of straps on a ladies body.

Technical Data:

  • Automatic buckles provide previse strap adjustments and easy operation
  • 1 rear anchorage point
  • 2 versions (HT Ladytrac and HT Ladytrac B)

Exclusive features of HT Ladytrac B womens harness:

  • Belt for work positioning
  • 2 Side anchoring rings on the belt
  • HT Ladytrac Complies to EN 361
  • HT Ladytrac B complies to EN 361, EN 358