Safety Harness Kits

Height Safety Harness Kits are expertly combined by industry professionals to provide you with everything required to keep you safe when working at height, each kit is designed to suit a particular industry or activity. All of these components can be purchased separately but why not take advantage of the discount when all of these items are combined as a kit.

There are two different types of safety harness kits- fall arrest and fall restraint kits. Fall arrest kits are intended for use by those who work with the risk of having a fall (even with the harness on), these include either a shock absorber fall arrest lanyard or a fall arrest block. Lanyards tend to be fairly short at around 1.8-2m and therefore can be quite limiting if the user needs to reach various parts of the structure from one anchor point, this is where fall arrest blocks come in to play, offering an auto-retractable fall arrest cable that coils up into the block and can be suspended from a single anchor point, giving the user complete freedom within the working area. If there are multiple anchor points it may be more cost-effective to use individual fall arrest lanyards and there for you should select a lanyard type kit with shock absorber, a disadvantage of the cable type blocks is that if you are working in a busy environment, it may not be practical to have for example 10 people wearing 30m cable arrest blocks operating close by as this would likely result in tangling and could potentially cause further safety risks. The second type of kit is a Fall Restraint kit, these are intended for use by those who will not be at risk of falling, so long as they wear their harness and lanyard kit. Designed to restrain the user from entering the danger zone, these are commonly used in access platforms, cherry pickers and similar applications, they should never be worn with the risk of a fall as there is no shock absorber pack to break the fall. 

We supply Height Safety Harness Kits designed for:

  • Scaffolder's- featuring specially designed oversized lanyard hooks for scaffolding anchor points
  • Roofers Roof Harness Kit- offering roofing anchor points 
  • Industrial Maintenance Engineers
  • Tree Surgeons / Pruners
  • Construction Workers
  • Pylon Height Safety
  • Riggers 

Each kit is supplied with either an economical bag, rucksack or kit bag where stated in product descriptions.

Our safety kits are available with fast delivery or reserved collection, for more information, bulk pricing and advice on our range of Height Safety Harness Kits please contact our sales team.