Container Lifting Chains & Rigging

Container Lifting Chains and Rigging supplied from LES are second to none- we offer only the highest quality fully certified chains and rigging for your 20ft and 40ft ISO shipping container lifting applications. From top rigging all the way to the container lugs, we have it all. We supply each of our container lifting chain sets with shortening clutches to enable CofG adjustment where required.

What's the best way to lift a shipping container with a crane?  When lifting a shipping container with a crane there are two standardised methods in which to do this. The first being a container lifting frame, this might incorporate chains into a four-point lifting beam or the beam might be fitted with container lugs already, this then clamps down on to the top of the container and lifts from all four points- perfectly suited to a shipping yard as these require little or no adjustment to the rigging in order to safely lift a container in a fast and effective manner, however lifting frames can be very large and expensive making them often unpractical for transportation to different sites. The second and more frequently used due to the more cost-effective nature is the modular spreader beam, extremely easy to transport thanks to its modular design, container spreaders provide a safe method of lifting 20ft and 40ft ISO shipping containers, combine with our Container Lifting Chain Sets and Rigging such as shackles and lugs, alternatively we do offer our Complete 20ft ISO Container Lifting Spreader Beam Kit. 

NB. Never use a four-legged chain sling to lift a loaded shipping container, doing so not only puts precious cargo at risk- but also your life.