Ratchet Lever Hoists

Lever Hoists, often referred to as come-a-longs, are commonly used when an operator is required to hoist the load up towards the top hook, where the user is positioned and has easy access to operate the ratchet lever. If hoisting from ground level, you might require a Chain Block/Hand Chain Hoist. Alternatively, Lever Hoists are typically used to tension, pull, and position loads, often horizontally.

The most common way to suspend a Ratchet Lever Hoist is by using the top hook and a beam clamp or trolley. Simply secure the clamp or trolley to a suitable rated beam and attach the lever hoist using its top hook, ensuring that the safety catch is closed and you can begin hoisting by cranking the ratchet on the unit, lifting the load as the chain passes through the ratchet hoist unit. To lower, simply click the direction switch to the down position and continue to crank-operate the ratchet in the same way.

We can supply Ratchet Lever Hoists with Safe Working Loads from 250kg to 10,000kg. The standard height of lift (length of load chain) is 1.5m, however, you can easily add more even when you buy online. We have Ratchet Hoists designed for both light- and heavy-duty applications, and even have a version designed specifically for offshore and subsea applications. 

Why not take a look at our full extensive range today, and should you require any further information, give us a call, and one of our Sales Team will assist you in making the correct and most-informed decision.

We supply Ratchet Lever Hoists from the following brands:

♦ Yale (Strategic Distribution Partner)  Planeta  George Taylor  Tiger ♦ LES  Tractel


When choosing a Ratchet Lever Hoist, you may wish to first determine the following:

SWL (Safe Working Load): This is the maximum weight you are lifting with your lever hoist.

Height of Lift: 1.5m is the standard, but this can be made longer or shorter, at a cost, of most models.

Usage: If you are going to use your Ratchet Hoist very frequently, in extreme conditions, we strongly recommend that you purchase a model such as the  Yale D85 or C85, which are built for extremely heavy-duty usage and have been known to have a working lift of up to 40+ years if well maintained.

Suspension methods: All of our Ratchet Lever Hoists are complete with a top hook for suspending the unit. Trolley and beam clamps can be purchased separately if required.

Overload Protection: Some of our Ratchet Hoists can be specified to feature overload protection in the form of a slipping clutch to ensure the load is not lifted beyond its rated capacity. This can be added at a small extra cost, giving a huge addition in safety - highly recommended.

Extras such as Lifting Slings and Shackles can be supplied on request or you can purchase them individually online. To purchase or inquire about our range of come-a-longs and ratchet lever hoist models - buy online, email or call today.