Pneumatic (Air) Chain Hoists

Pneumatic (Air) Chain Hoists from JD Neuhaus, Red Rooster and Yale idea perfect for heavy lifting applications that require extremely long heights of lift, fast lifting speeds, intense operation or simply where there is no access to electricity.

Our versatile range of Air Hoists provides quality options to suit all Pneumatic Hoist needs such as purpose built non-sparking or ATEX explosion proof hoists, specialist hoists for offshore operations and even subsea variations.
Offering capacities up to 100Tonnes (100,000kg) combined with unthinkable heights of lift and optional overload protection to ensure load and operator remain safe even in the event of a calculation error.

The standard range Air Hoists we supply are all of very confined headroom dimensions however where necessary we do supply Low Headroom and Extra Low Headroom Air Hoists. Pneumatic hoists can be controlled in a number of different ways such as:

  • Rope/Chain Control- This is where the hoist is fitted with two cords/chains to which a bar attaches both at the bottom, pulling on one side will raise, the other will lower. This gives the user sensitive control over the speed of the hoist and there for speeds are infinitely variable.
  • Pendant Control- Allows medium sensitivity over speed control of the hoist, ergonomically designed, similar to a standard electric hoist pendant control.
  • E-Control (JD Neuhaus Only)- An extremely robust brass hand control (pendant type) lightweight and hard wearing. (Not suitable for sensitive operation).