Rigging Motors/Hoists

Rigging Motors/Hoists ideal for use in the stage and theatre entertainment rigging industry, supplied by rigging experts; Lifting Equipment Store. Our range of entertainment rigging hoists are competitively priced with ex stock availability for those last minute requirements.

Lifting Equipment Store supply the full range of CM Rigging Motors and LoadGuard Rigging Hoists.
weather you require a basic single phase all black basic hoist or a three phase double braked motor suitable for rigging over peoples heads without the aid of a secondary safety component; we are sure to help you find the right solution to your application.

Our Favored Line of Rigging Motors; LoadGuard.
250kg-5000kg Capacities.


  • Brake- Quiet operation is achieved with the LoadGurd's new advanced braking system which is virtually maintenance free. For maximum safety the brake is mounted after the slipping clutch; clutch wear does not effect the integrity of the load. Double brake assembly available which can be independently checked for correct operation.
  • Control System- Simple technology ensures no electrics are susceptible to interference. Manufactured to feature reliable construction using proven components. Emergency stop contactor if required can be fitted (quite common in permanent installations). Low voltage 42V control system (100v or 24v available on request).
  • Geared Limit Switch (standard)- Available with 2 or 4 position limit stops to protect your load- for added safety. Simple adjustment, with positioning and repeatability. Lifting heights up to 120m.
  • Load Chain Wheel- Manufactured from hardened steel. With additional chain pockets, type 25 hoist with six pockets, most other hoist feature 5 pocket load chain wheels, the LoadGuard 6 pocket wheel reduces noise creating the perfect hoist for use in shows and entertainment sectors where low noise level is vital to prevent interruption to the show. Double bearing support with sealed bearings, drain system available for load chain wheel area when hoist is inverted to avoid the hoist motor from filling with water through the chain entrance when used outdoors.
  • Transmission- Permanent grease lubrication for wear resistant operation with no oil leakage. Helical first and second gear teeth reduces noise again. Improvements to gear designs also adds to this factor.
  • Chain Guide- Replacement can be performed without having to dismantle the hoist. Two part construction optimizes maintenance along with reinforced polyoxmethylene material which is highly wear resistant. Wear plates are fitted to the underside of the hoist to aid chain guidance and elimination of chain jamming.
  • Slipping Clutch- Overload is prevented with the addition of a slipping clutch, simple and precise adjustment at workshop lever, no exterior adjustment possible to prevent accidental adjustment. Clutch is located in the rotor shaft outside the drive chain. Highly resistant to wear and maintenance free. Individual clutch parts are available through our spares department without the need to purchase a full clutch system.
  • Motor- Designed to operate in the toughest conditions with one or two speed operation to suit your application. Special power supplies available including some hoists for single phase power supply only (please note double braked hoists require three phase power). Optional thermal cut-out device prevents overheating.
  • Load Chain- Surface hardened Class DAT 8SS to FEM 9.671. Black coated as standard for incognito design, or zink plated if required. Calibrated especially for the hoist.
  • Housing- Cast aluminum housing with maximum solidity, ideal for extreme working conditions, the body has cooling fans cast to dissipate heat caused from operation of the hoisting unit. Aluminum end covers fitted and sealed to prevent water penetration. East to change 1-fall to 2-fall operation with no need to dismantle the hoist unit.

For more information on our range of Rigging Motors/Hoists contact our sales department.