ATEX Chain Hoists

ATEX Chain Hoists and trolleys are rated for safe use in environments where explosive mixtures of combustible gases, dusts and air may be present. Often found in chemical production plants, waste disposal sites, metal processing works, refineries and gas suppliers as a precautionary measure that is required to reduce the risk of sparking.

Our range of ATEX spark resistant chain hoists and trolleys are available in Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2 or Zone 22 protection levels providing optimum anti-sparking protection where required.

How do I know if I require an ATEX Hoist409 -If you manufacture or handle goods in an environment where risk of sparking could cause an explosion, a risk assessment should identify this risk.

LES offer a huge range of ATEX rated Chain Hoists, Trolleys and Electric Winches to suit a wide variety of ATEX applications from 125kg-50,000kg capacities with some units available from stock, while others are bespoke manufactured to your order. For more information and pricing on our extensive range of ATEX equipment, please contact our friendly sales team who will be happy to assist you.