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Invented in 2007, FloodSax is the original 'Sandless Sandbag,' specifically designed for flood protection including flood defense, flood mitigation, and flood prevention.


Today, the world's best-selling alternative to a conventional sandbag, 3 million FloodSax have been sold worldwide, and are becoming the favourite alternative thanks to their quick and easy deployment in emergencies.


Referred to as 'flood bags or flood sacks,' these unique items are transformed from as light as a pillowcase to more comprehensive than a sandbag in approximately five minutes, providing all users with effective and reliable flood protection... it's easy to see why they are preferred by the likes of facilities management companies, business continuity and resilience managers, emergency planning managers, flood risk managers, flood action and flood prevention groups and are a must for people living on floodplains.


The key thing is... THEY SAVE in every sense of the word!

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