Think about it…without customers, a business wouldn’t succeed? So why wouldn’t you put the customer's needs and wants as your first priority in any situation? This is where many businesses fail to recognise that customer service is one of the most valued assets a business can have and how it can make or break a purchase or even lead to repeat custom.

What deems good customer service?

Good customer service is when the customer is completely satisfied from the enquiry right through to the delivery of the product. This sounds easy enough but stating how to give good customer service is very different to following it through consistently. Repeat business is the backbone of selling to consumers as one off purchases are typically the most important as a fantastic customer service experience will implore the customer to be more inclined to repeat a purchase in the future. LES aim to gain repeat custom with our thoroughly trained customer service team. They deal with all enquiries and more importantly any queries regarding purchases, from a simple copy invoice to a detailed report showing the grades of materials used. We also have a credit scheme which allows loyal customers to pay 30 days after order confirmation which gives those customers a quick and simple ordering solution with speedy delivery for when they need it most.

Also having little to no waiting time on incoming calls can make or break a purchase as if you miss a call from a customer they’re most likely going to find another number that answers. Here at LES it is very, very rare that we miss a call during working hours, having a tight grasp on this task comes with hidden rewards as the customer feels more catered for with this fast response time. This is also similar for emails, a quick response is a closer step to securing a purchase and ensuring customers are beyond satisfied.

Reasonable pricing is key when it comes to supplying a product that presents much competition, LES constantly keep a keen watch over the market place to ensure we offer the best prices on like-for-like products, our procurement team ensure we remain on top discounts with suppliers to in turn bring you lower prices.

Customer service within LES also comes with an excellent after sales service experience where if you have an queries we’re always here on the other end of the line to answer them, not only over the phone but our team are here to answer your emails, instant messages through our website, and even Whatsapp messages (on request).

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