Have you ever wondered what a spring balancer is? Chances are that if you use lifting equipment within your business, it's likely you've come across one before, just not realised it.

At Lifting Equipment Store (LES) we always want to make sure our valued audience is informed of all the options available within the lifting equipment arena.

That's why in this article we're going to look at with you what these product are, give an example, explain the advantages of using them, and the benefits it can bring to your company.  

If by the end of the article you require any further information or advice on whether this solution is right for your business challenge or the product range available, please contact an experienced member of the LES team where they can discuss a tailored solution for you.

What is a Spring Balancer?

This item can play a key part in a small, medium, or large lifting operation. Due to them having versatile roles, you can see them being used in various industries across the world.

This piece of equipment works in a similar way to retractors and is designed so that the retracting force increases with added cable extension. This means that the working load is automatically retracted to its initial position after use.

You can expect to find tools to be suspended from this product which makes your working area clear, safer, and tidier even when changing around tools for different projects.

The difference between retractors and spring balancers is that retractors are designed to retract the cable when no force is applied.

This means that an amount of downward force must be constantly applied to keep the suspended object at its extended position. The torque output of the rewind spring increases as the cable is extended and retracting the suspended object to the uppermost adjusted position when released. 

Example case

We wanted to highlight to you an example of this product with the aim to give you a deeper understanding of what it is. The example we're going to look at is the Yale YBF Series Spring Balancers.

This particular version allows the worker to move the suspended tool or object up or down with minimum effort. Depending on the spring adjustments, you can expect the object your lifting and balancing to remain in position or retract when no force is applied.

This model has a 200kg capacity, however, you can get versions with higher and lower weight capacities. It's important for you to consider what weight you need your product to carry or balance for it to do an effective job.

The Yale YBF Series has an enclosed body design to ensures operator safety. This has been changed, along with other versions available on the market to stop a safety hazard to your team and any operators. The older version used to have an open body, so if you are buying pre-owned or a dated model, please consider this before purchasing it and using it in your workspace.

This particular example also has an anti-wear feature that prevents damage to the aluminum housing and can be replaced easily by dismantling. The containerised spring cartridge enables safe and simple servicing which provides assurance that the spring will always be in place for you. 

The Yale YBF has a spiral groove on a tapered drum, so the winding radius is increased to match the torque build-up of the spring. This allows a balanced position, unlike retractors, which we looked at briefly above. 

Benefits you can get from using one

There are a number of advantages to using this product within your specific industry and you can consider these points before purchasing to help guide you on whether it's the right product for you or not.

We've provided a breakdown of the different advantages you can get from using this product below for you to consider. However, depending on your specific business challenge and what it is you need, you can always contact a member of the LES team where we can always look at a specific solution for your business.

  • They are well balanced and well positioned. The 360-degree hook ensures an optimal operating position for you. 

  • This product is easy to maintain and the steel drum axle allows for an extended lifetime. The special steel rope resists kinking, reduces drum wear, and requires no additional lubrication.

  • It has an easy and fast adjustment of the spring tension. 

  • There is a built in shock absorber and an adjustable rope that limits retraction to any desired point in its travel. This prevents excessive wear of the rope drum. You can expect your version to be equipped with a nylon rope guide to reduce wear and tear.

  • The compact design of the body and the spring assembly allows you to have an easy exchange of individual components.

  • Upper and lower suspension eyes are provided for the attachment of secondary safety chains. This provides you, your team, and any operators additional safety while using this product.

  • Forged hooks with safety latches prevent accidental unhooking of both the spring balancer and the suspended tool making sure it stays in place when you or the operator are using it.

  • The automatic drum-locking-device locks the drum and holds the load safely even in the event of spring failure

Could your business benefit from having one?

We've looked at what a spring balancer is, used an example, and looked at the advantages of having the piece of equipment. However, we've not asked the question: what is it that makes using this product so beneficial and important to purchase for your company?

The answer to this question is simple, by purchasing this handy piece of equipment, you're enabling tasks at production and assembly stations to become increasingly efficient which allows you to save time and get previous tasks done at a faster pace.

At LES, we believe that any product that makes the lifting process easy and more efficient for you, your team, customers, and business as a whole should be purchased as it makes your processes more effective allowing you and your team to have more time to focus on the next projects.

This article has given you an insight into what spring balancers are - especially the Yale YBF model that we stock here at LES. You've gained knowledge of the advantages to using this product and what it can bring to your business. 

However, we've not discussed how it can help your business specifically. If you want to find out more about how your business can benefit from using this lifting solution on its own or in conjunction with other pieces of lifting equipment, please contact an experienced member of the LES team