Traditionally forklift trucks are used to offload goods supplied on pallets going into storage and then out for shipping or loading, but, they have so much more potential. There are so many lifting and moving jobs that need to be carried out in an industrial environment where you can put your forklift to good use. Just by adding attachments, you can dramatically improve the capability of your forklift by turning it into a multi-purpose handling tool.Forklift truck attachments are used to remove manual input from the lifting process, they are used with your existing forklift to carry, hoist, push, scoop or clamp. Below we will explain some of the options and how they can be used. There are many types of attachments available including;


Jibs and Hooks

Jibs and Hook attachments fundamentally turn your forklift into a mini crane or hoist, these work by sliding over the fork prongs. The jib attachment has a hook which is then attached to the item you are lifting. There are accessories available that can be used such as; bulk frame bag frames, these enable you to move and lift filled bags by attaching the frame to the hook and the bag to the frame.

LES fork-mounted Jibs are supplied with a swivel hook and a bow shackle. They are robust with four shackle suspension holes to allow the perfect hook position along the arm. The zinc-plated heal pins ensure the jib is secured in place on the forks without the additional need for a safety chain.

There are various options when selecting a jib attachment including Low profile which can access items that need lifting from a low level and low profile extending Jibs that can extend. The extendable version moves and lifts long loads in locations that are awkward to access. They have 10 lifting positions with the benefit of 2 hooks and shackles so that the load can be cradled.

Height adjustable, extendable Jibs have the benefit of angular lifting allowing awkward and tall loads to be lifted easily by increasing the lifting height of either the telehandler or the forklift truck.

Each forklift jib is fully certified and complete with documentation.


Drum Attachments

Drum attachments allow simple and efficient lifting and transporting of steel and plastic drums which is ideal when moving hazardous materials.  Available in a single and double drum configuration for up to 1500kg.

There are a variety of drum attachments including horizontal and vertical lift, pouring and turning, top lifting with 360-degree rotation. The way that they lift varies from around the centre, from the top or, in a frame that holds the entire drum.

Specialist drum handling is also available with the ability to custom make attachments to your specification.



Skip attachments allow for localised collection of waste and rubble which can be moved using your forklift. The skips are designed to allow you to easily tip the contents into a bin or onto the back of vehicles, where additional capacity is needed, or to avoid items falling out you can add a wire mesh side extension.

Where space may not allow tipping a drop bottom version is available which deposits waste via a base release mechanism.


Specialist Attachments

In addition to the standard options discussed above, there are many specialist ones including but not limited to lifting platforms which provide a cost-effective access platform for overhead maintenance. Once secured to the forks you can step onto the platform which can hold up to 250kg. They are supplied with lift-up or auto-locking gate and harness attachment rings.   We always recommend you wear a safety harness when working at height.

Snow plough attachments are perfect for winter months but can be used at other times to clear swarf and debris. As they are supplied with a rubber wear strip they will protect the ground you are clearing. Sweepers come with interchangeable nylon brushes and can clear warehouses, yards, pavements, and roads of sand, topsoil, or any other loose grain product.

Our range of forklift attachments are ergonomically designed with the highest level of reliability and innovation.


Would a Forklift Attachment help your productivity?

By now you should have a good idea about what forklift attachments are and how they can benefit your business. If you have an idea about what you want but it hasn’t been discussed here – please contact one of our experienced staff members who will be happy to assist you. If we don’t have what you need we can design and manufacture something to your exact specification.