Jib cranes are used to lift and transport heavy objects and because they are frequently used in lifting operations across multiple industries, you may want to know the basic safety guidelines that may allow you to use the equipment safely as well as efficiently. While we all know that companies usually provide a copy of the safety manual at the time of equipment installation, you may still want to take a quick look at the quick safety tips that will allow you to comply with the basic safety guidelines and avoid situations that may put lives at risk.

First off, you should have specialists to install your jib cranes- we can take care of this service for you. This is the way to ensure that the equipment is mounted securely and that its foundation is able to withstand the weight of the load. Most importantly- that it is fully tested and certified before use. Jib cranes should be inspected before general use and you should look for certain common warning signs such as the presence of debris on the runway, structural defects, missing or loosened bolts, and cracked welds. Additionally, you should check if the jib’s arm slides smoothly. You can promote a stable lift by ensuring that the jib arm is positioned right over the load and near the centre of the gravity of the load.

Ensure that the beam trolley is prevented from crashing into the runway end stops as this may make the load swing out which, in turn, may increase the radial span and disturb the overall balance. Evaluate the lift stability by conducting a trial lift while making sure that the slewing arm travels through a path that is free from obstacles. All movements should be implemented in a slow and steady way in order to minimise the chances of swinging. Make sure that the jib arm does not drag loads along the floor and that you do not place a ladder against the jib arm.

When the lifting operation begins, make sure that no one is allowed to walk under the loaded jib crane. With health and safety being your primary considerations, you may want to get your jib cranes professionally inspected by qualified personnel at regular intervals on a yearly basis as this is required by UK laws.

For further information and advice regarding the use of Jib Cranes just talk to one of our friendly sales team who will be happy to advise you and offer quotations for any requirement to supply, install or testing/inspecting you may have.

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