Swing jib cranes are versatile lifting devices that can be used for diverse purposes. There are certain parameters that you should take into consideration when you purchase a swing jib crane to make sure that the device justifies your investment and purpose. The weight of the item as well as the distance that it will cover should be measured appropriately in order to identify the crane that will suit your purpose. Additionally, you may also need to consider the lifting height if you think that obstruction may be a considerable factor. This may differ depending on the available area and other factors such as the beam height and the load height. Sometimes, a safety margin is added to make sure that the load is transported safely.

Swing jib cranes come with various rotation options. The swing jib crane can be made to cover a designated area by installing a rotation stop that can restrict the degree of movement of the crane and minimise the probability of human error that may cause the crane to crash against objects.  Style and configuration also determine the lifting device’s performance and efficiency. The styles and configurations can be modified to address specific conditions.

Swing jib cranes may be configured to function as floor-mounted jib and wall-mounted jib. A floor-mounted swing jib crane rests on an upright mast and it is placed on a solid foundation where it can stand straight without any support.  If installed properly, the equipment will not only demonstrate remarkable lifting capacity, but can also be used to work in various locations. However, you may need to adopt a different lifting option if you are looking to reach a location which is beyond 6 meters.

Wall-mounted swing jib cranes are placed on steel columns that are mounted to the wall of a room or building. Such types of cranes come in various styles and are chosen to attain the maximum possible lifting height. Identifying the appropriate swing jib crane that will address your operational needs requires your attention-to-detail approach and a careful study of your needs as well as the equipment features.

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