The Ultralift Plus LIfting MagnetThe Ultralift Plus Lifting Magnet

Eclipse Magnetics has well over 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance magnetic systems, and Lifting Equipment Store is regularly supplying Ultralift Plus magnets for safe lifting. The smallest unit can grip up to 125kg while the largest can lift up to 2000kg, and each magnet benefits from exceptional performance to weight ratio. The Plus range uses high-energy neodymium magnets to lift loads steadily, whilst its simple operation makes it ideal for one person operations.

The Ultralift Plus range is the only permanently magnetic lifting magnet to include a ‘safety shim’, allowing the user to undertake a test prior to the lift. The interlock mechanism also improves safety once under load, preventing the operating handle from being moved to the ‘off’ position. This smart mechanism works by identifying the tension and locking the handle accordingly. Much like our other Ultralift magnets, the load can be released easily by hand, thanks to the hand brake release system. Offering superb force, the high-energy magnets are arranged expertly, in an efficient magnetic circuit, while you’re guaranteed safe and reliable lifts every time.

Many manufacturers opt for this model because it requires no power, but it also saves space as access is only needed to the top of the load. It can be easily added to a hoist or a crane, and the patented safety shim guarantees a 3:1 guaranteed safety factor. The Ultralift is capable of lifting both round and flat section loads, while other Ultralift models are available, including the LM, TP and battery powered ranges. With all of these systems it’s important to understand the offers that the material type has on clamping forces. For example, magnets can achieve maximum capacity with mild steel, while carbon steel, tool steel and cast iron will all have reduced capacities. For materials that are longer than the maximum recommended length, it’s wise to use multiple magnets, while they should be positioned evenly.

The Lifting Equipment store can help you choose the correct magnet for your individual requirements, and you find out more by calling us on 01384 567430.