The ultimate drum stacker, otherwise known as the LES DA45 provides a unique solution to lifting and stacking steel, plastic and fibre drum barrels. With high lift capability up to 1500mm and a working limit of 450kg. Not only lifting and stacking, but this innovative robust drum truck also features a geared tilting mechanism enabling controlled dispensing solving nearly every challenge in the day-to-day activity of handling multiple type drums.

Designed to be extremely low maintenance due to the simplistic design whilst increasing service life with innovative features such as dual lift chains and a heavy duty construction. Maximum safety is achieved with overload protection and the addition of a secondary top gripping device combined with the lower securing band, this gives the DA45 drum stacker unrivalled grip on all types of drums.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, this all-in-one steel, plastic and fibre drum stacker also incorporates a handy foot pump- ideal for use in tight spaces. Swivelling rear castors with a parking brake ensure no unintentional movement of the lifter (no more accidental moving of the stacker when you're dispensing) whilst two rear handles make for easy direction by the pedestrian operator.

How It Works Simply driver the stacker up to the edge of the drum, lock the foot brake, secure the lower band using the 'ratchet' type mechanism, secure the top gripper and begin to lift. Once clear of the floor and any obstacles release the foot brake and reposition the stacker as required, re-engage the foot brake and lift/lower as desired.