This stacker offers the capacity, the lifting height and transportability whilst remaining incredibly light!

With great features and a simple and easy to use functionality, we are confident it can be an effective tool for the masses.  


Is this heavy to move? How much does it weigh?

Tipping the scales at a mere 60kg the clue is very much in the title “Lightweight” easy to manoeuvre and transport. Removable legs and forks mean you can lay flat to be easily stored or loaded in the rear of your vehicle ready for the next job, quick and simple.

 How high can it go? How heavy can it lift?

Boasting an impressive 181kgs capacity and a 2.5-metre lifting height this stacker allows the user the ability to lift that large box or that small pallet weighing under 181kgs well into the air!


Key points to think about when using any stacker?

Never walk or work under a lifted load.

Ensure relevant brakes are engaged when lifting or lowering.

Be aware of the floor/surface you are manoeuvring on.


How do I operate this stacker? Do I have to assemble anything?

Super simple and easy to use! This stacker comes ready assembled, so instantly you are good to go. Operation of these stackers is incredibly easy: For these steps we will use a small pallet as an example.

Begin by addressing your product that you wish to lift/small pallet, pushing your stacker up to the pallet, you will drive the legs through the opening of the said pallet.

Now apply the rear brake this holds the stacker in place and eliminates the risk of movement when the lift is engaged.

Grab the winch handle situated at the rear of the unit, turning anti-clockwise engaging the lifting function of the winch, continual turning will begin lifting the forks, until your product is lifted from the ground.

An important note here: Do not lift your product to the required height if you are not in the position you wish to be for the unloading of this product. i.e Lift your pallet from the ground approximately 200mm, now release the brake and move the pallet/stacker to the desired location. Once the position is reached simply re-engage the rear brake and lift to your desired height and unload.

You should only ever fully lift your goods once in the desired location for unloading not when moving the stacker around to avoid any risk or danger of falling/loss of balance.

So, once you have reached your desired location, engage the rear brake, and complete the lift turning the winch handle anti-clockwise.

Reached your desired height for unloading? Great, now you can unload. Turning the winch handle clockwise will lower until you have released the load.

Continue to lower your forks turning the winch handle until they return to the start position. Release the brake and you are good to use again.

Always remember to remain safe and work at the rear of this stacker when engaging a lift or unload, never work underneath a lifted load!





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