The last time it snowed here was about a week ago and we've just woken up to a dumping! It's becoming such a frequent thing here in the UK that it's about time we all stepped it up and took action. As a nation, we need to accept that snow is now an annual occurrence and that it doesn't just fall once in a 12 month period either. I don't know what it is here but we all seem to be so shocked when it snows, wondering why our summertime tyres don't perform and as a result, accidents cause road closures throughout and the whole country basically comes to a holt....It's terrible for business and causes huge loss of revenue for thousands of businesses across the nation, but that's a discussion for another blog.

When I look back at all the time I've spent clearing snow by hand to make a route for our forklift to be able to load and unload vital cargo from delivery trucks I realise how much time I've wasted. Countless hours of chiselling away with a snow shovel every time, to walk back into the office (at the amusement of our team) shivering from the cold and wondering why no one else wanted to take on the task. I'd had enough. We needed a solution and I knew exactly what that was because we already sold it! The Forklift Snow Plough attachment, a slide-on attachment that simply turns your forklift into a snow plough. Fantastic. Never will I have to clear our carpark and access area by hand ever again, and if I wear the blades out- we sell the spares. Happy days. So now I simply jump on to our forklift and start clearing. It takes me minutes to clear what would usually take hours and I'm back at my desk assisting all you great people in no time.

"But what about when it doesn't snow, how can you be sure we'll make good use of it?" I hear you ask. Well, when was the last winter we didn't get several dumpings of snow? When was the last winter you weren't outside several times clearing snow wishing you were in your nice warm office? Exactly. The best part? Use it to clear swarf and other debris from your yard or shop floor, charge it out and split the cost with the guys next door who were eyeing it up wishing they had one too. If maintained correctly (and it's extremely low maintenance) this attachment will pay dividends and last for a very, very long time.

I'm happy with our solution and I want you to be happy to, I don't want you to waste your morning till 10am clearing snow everytime we get a dumping from above, I want you to tell me what a great investment your Forklift Snow Plough was, and I'm confident you will do. I personally believe this is such a great investment that I've put these on sale at nearly cost price as an incentive to you to get organised, get efficient and get your Forklift Snow Plough for a great price!- trust me we'll have more snow this year (I said this last time!) and the price won't sustain, so act now.

Buy Our Galvanised Forklift Snow Ploughs Here From £599

To complete the package we can also offer you a towable grit/salt spreader for the all-around professional solution. If you've got any questions at all regarding our Forklift Snow Plough or require further information on how we can help you clear snow with our range of attachments, please feel free to pick up the phone and call me on 01384 567430 or +44 1384 567430 from abroad.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to answering any questions you have.

-Will Dunn, Sales Director

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