The Pewage Winner Pro G12 Chain Sling SystemThe super lightweight Pewag Winner Pro G12 makes assembly easier for the end user, and the profile of the chain improves bending resistance.

The intelligent profile offers 50% higher working limits than that of equivalent Grade 8 chains but it has a rugged style, and it’s coated in a vivid light blue, making it visible in the poorest conditions. With high wear resistance and less abrasion, the chain is one of the most dependable on the market, and it uses a patent-registered material with optimised strength and toughness properties in high and low temperatures.


Shorteners can be added to allow the end-user to shorten legs based upon the load or slings, while all assemblies can be fitted with clevis or eye type components depending on your individual requirements. Each and every Pewag Winner Pro G12 chin sling system we supply is stamped with an identification mark so that the whole production process can be tracked. The Pewag Pro G12 is one dimension smaller than the G8 and G10 chain slings for many load ranges, so you do get excellent value and practicality.

Pewag may be the oldest chain manufacturer in the world, but their leading systems remain durable, innovative and reliable over a long period of time. These chains have been cleverly developed over time to be lighter in weight and smaller in size, with improved bending resistance, and the Lifting Equipment Store can help you choose the right chain sling system for your requirements.


The Pro G12 will prevent undesirable bending deformation significantly, but you should always check the compatibility of these chains before you decide to use them with components from other manufacturers.


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