As you may know from reading this blog we like to keep you up to date on the latest products on todays market, we are proud to be one of the first distributors to be supplying the new super lightweight GIS GPM Electric Chain Hoist. Made robustly in Switzerland this durable and compact hoist is the newest competing hoist in the lightweight category boasting capacities from 80kg to 250kg.

GIS GPM Electric Chain Hoist

GIS GPM Electric Chain Hoist

Designed with an array of applications in mind the GPM is protected to IP65 protection level which protects the hoist body and controls from any ingress of dust and water jets meaning you can use it outside and in the Sahara Desert! Perfect for our friends in Dubai and Saudi where they require hoists like this to ensure sand does not get inside the motors and cause damage. Aside from protection levels the new Swiss member boasts long heights of lift up to 90m which is ideal for placement within wind turbines which tend to be rather high and also great for use on building sites with the added benefit of single phase power supply.

Safety is always a prime concern when designing GIS hoists and they really have not compromised on this one- standard overload protection via a slipping clutch ensures you will never overload your hoist as well as standard upper and lower geared limit switches to ensure that the hook never goes higher or lower than intended, even if the operator holds the button, simple and effective safety. The slipping clutch and limit switches were also subject to the GIS practicality standards and can be accessed very easily for maintenance purposes, getting you back up and running in no time at all.

Whats more is there is no waiting around for spares, GIS are so confident with this one it comes with a 3 year warranty and all spares are Ex Stock UK meaning within 24 hours your back lifting to full capacity whatever the weather.

Every bit of this new highly innovative hoist has been thought about rigorously and tested over and over by perfectionists. And the finishing product- a spectacularly designed functional lifting machine that just keeps performing, when buying a GIS you are buying more than a hoist you are buying Swiss Family Quality!